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"Future by excellence"

The main targets: "Customer satisfaction and highest Quality of our products are based on three basics:

1. "Creating Best Products" is guaranteed by:
  • to be experts in the production
  • identifying and adopting best practices
  • improvement, improvement, improvement
2. Improvement of production, through the improvement of personalities
  • teamwork
  • employees are our greatest asset
  • focusing on the skills and responsibilities of each employee
  • corporate and social responsibility
  • ensuring safe workplace by "Safety first!"policy
  • preserving "Ecological consciousness"
The SWS Way

3. Policy of "SE Bordnetce-Bulgaria EOOD" for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work
  • SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD manufactures and supplies to its customers wire harnesses for the automotive industry in accordance with their orders, technological and environmental requirements.
  • SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD is committed to comply with the requirements of international standards, regulations, customer requirements, and build management systems in line with them. Continuously monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of systems and takes measures to improve them. Periodically review economic, political, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects, analyze and evaluate them. Take measures to reduce or eliminate the resulting risks, and take advantage of the opportunities that have arisen.
  • SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD defines the stakeholders from their activities and takes action to protect the interests of the company and the employees and to achieve better results.
  • SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD follows the philosophy of achieving zero defects in the product and processes. Takes action to continuously improve processes, prevent manufacturing denial, constant training and staff qualification with the active involvement of all employees.
  • SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD is committed to protect the health and safety of the company's employee and is committed to prevent and reduce environmental pollution as a result of the company's production activities through waste management and non-contamination in emergency situations.
  • The management of SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD implements its goals with the help of competent staff, approved suppliers, modern equipment, using methods like HAI-V, Kaizen, Pika Pika and G-STARS, Risk Analysis, TPM. The Quality Management System built in accordance with IATF 16949: 2016 and the Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management System - built in accordance with international standards ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 achieve consistently improved product quality, the environment and the working conditions within the boundaries established by the normative requirements of the Bulgarian and European legislation.
  • SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD has corporate responsibility for developing and maintaining an anti-corruption policy, a Code of Conduct for Employees and an policy for violated ethical rules (reporting irregularity without violating employees' rights).
  • This policy is made public and available to all stakeholders. Applied by all employees of SE Bordnetze-Bulgaria EOOD and sub-contractors. It is periodically reviewed for suitability and timeliness.

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