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"Future by excellence"

The main targets: "Customer satisfaction, highest Quality of our products and  health and safety at work policy" are based on 3 pillars:

1. "Creating better products" to be secured as

  • acting as a professional manufacturing group
  • identification and adoption of best practices
  • improvement, improvement, improvement as an eternal cycle

2. "Developing better manufacturing by developing better people" by
  • supporting teamwork
  • "people are our greatest asset" attitude
  • focusing on multiple skills and mutliple duties of each coworker
  • emphasising corporate social reponsibility
  • to guarantee "Safety first"
  • to secure "ecological awareness"
The SWS Way

3. Policy of SEBN-BG Ltd. for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work

     SEBN-BG produces and delivers to its clients automotive wire-harnesses in compliance with their orders and technological and ecological requirements.

     SEBN-BG undertakes to follow the international standards, legislation, and client requirements and to build management systems in their accordance. SEBN-BG constantly monitors the systems’ effectiveness and efficacy and takes measures for their improvement. Periodically reviews the economic, political, social, technological, ecological and legislative aspects, analyzes and evaluates them to take measures for decreasing or eliminating risks as well as to use emerged opportunities.

     SEBN-BG defines the parties concerned in its activities and acts towards protecting the company and its employees’ interests as well as to achieve better results.

     SEBN-BG follows the philosophy of achieving zero defects in product and processes. It takes actions to continuously improve processes, prevent production rejects, and constantly train and qualify personnel with the active participation of all employees.

SEBN-BG takes conscious care of personnel health and safety in the company and takes the responsibility to prevent and decrease environmental pollution resulting from company production activities or emergency situations by waste management.

     SEBN-BG Management achieves their goals with the assistance of qualified personnel, approved suppliers, state-of-the-art equipment and applying methods like HAI-V, Kaizen,  Pika Pika and G-STARS, Risk analysis, TPM. By using Quality Management System based on the international standard IATF 16949:2016 and Environment, Health and Safety Management System according to the requirements of ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, the company achieves continuous improvement of product quality, environment and working conditions within the requirements of the Bulgarian and European legislation.

     SEBN-BG has the corporate responsibility to develop and sustain anti-bribery policy, employees’ code of conduct and ethics escalation policy (“whistle-blowing policy”). 

The present policy has been announced and is available to all parties concerned. It shall be applied and followed by all SEBN-BG employees and subcontractors. It is being reviewed periodically for aptitude and actuality.


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