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Our main process is the production. It consists of many sub-processes dependent on what is being produced. The basic steps to complete a wire harness are as follows: cutting, crimping, welding, twisting, forming and testing.

Cutting & Crimping
The wires are cut to the required lenght, stripped and crimped in a single step using high-end machines.
Cutting area Handanschlag

If there is a need, two or more wires are welding together using high-frequency ultrasonic welding machines.
Welding machines Welding machines

Some wire harnesses requires two or more wires to be twisted together.
twist1_sm.jpg twist2_sm.jpg

The most important step is the forming of wire harness. The wires are bandaged together in shape tables, precisely according to the technical specification provided by the customer.
Form board

Forming area

Test and Quality controls



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