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Our main process is the production. It consists of many sub-processes dependent on what is being produced. The basic steps to complete a wire harness are as follows: cutting, crimping, welding, twisting, forming and testing.

Cutting & Crimping
The wires are cut to the required lenght, stripped and crimped in a single step using high-end machines.
Cutting area   Handanschlag

If necessary, two or more wires are welded together using high-frequency Ultrasonic welding machines.
Welding machines   Welding machines

Some harnesses requre two or more twisted wires.
twist1_sm.jpg   twist2_sm.jpg

The most important step is the forming of the wire harness. On the form-tables the wires are bundled together to the exact technical specifications given by the customer.
Form board

Forming area

Testing and Quality control


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